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To be a Kendo Club member, you will need to be associated with any of the following at Oregon State University:

  • An active student.

  • Current faculty or staff member.

  • ​Or have an affiliation with a faculty or staff member. 

Additionally, ​each participant must:

  • Sign the club-practice waiver. (Prior to coming to their first practice)

  • Pay Member Dues online. ($30 per term, or $75 Annual) by Week 2 of each term.

  • Purchase a Shinai (Bamboo Sword). ($30 Online or Cash/Check in-person) by Week 2 of practice.

If you have an active club membership but cannot purchase a Shinai by Week 2 of the current term, we will lend you a temporary Shinai to use during practice.

You may click the "Join Club" link below to register!

We will be sending out important announcements on our mailing list and Discord server, so be on the lookout for those once you sign up for the club!

We hope to see you at practice!

How to Join: News
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